Altaïr Film Conference “Sri Lanka, Land of Gods and Men


Geographically linked to the Indian world, Sri Lanka has freed itself from it throughout history. The Sinhalese, who came from the north of India, and the Tamils, who came from the south, have made this Indian Ocean island the crucible of a brilliant civilisation and a..

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A great mastery of a sophisticated hydrographic network enabled them to build prosperous kingdoms. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity; religions have had and still have a primordial place. Although Buddhism has almost disappeared from India, Sri Lanka is the heartland of Hinayana Buddhism and religious tolerance is a major trait of the Sri Lankan population. Moreover, the long civil war that saw Sinhalese and Tamils fighting each other until 2009 was not a religious conflict but a socio-economic and political conflict. Today, more and more Western travellers are discovering a peaceful country that has rediscovered the serenity of an island that, according to legend, was visited three times by Buddha. The ancient cities, the white sandy beaches, the wildlife, the tea plantations, the luxuriant vegetation, the warm welcome of the Sri Lankans make "the shining island", literal translation of "Sri Lanka", one of the most beautiful destinations one can dream of.

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Altaïr Film Conference “Sri Lanka, Land of Gods and Men



Altaïr Film Conference “Sri Lanka, Land of Gods and Men

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