Ballet Coppelia – Compagnie Petipa


Information and tickets at 06 85 56 18 17
Ballet in 3 acts .music Léo DELIBES .choreography and direction Marie-Claude ROUS and Eric DUFRIER
0685561817 / 0611053415

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"The libretto features Swanilda, her fiancé Frantz and old Coppélius, a manufacturer of automaton dolls whose ambition is to create one with a soul.Frantz falls in love with the old man's latest creation, seen through the window: Coppélia, whom he believes to be alive. Swanilda, jealous, breaks into the studio. Frantz is surprised by Coppélius, who uses a concoction of his own to lull Frantz to sleep and steal his soul.then the Coppélia doll comes to life, and for good reason: Swanilda has taken the doll's place.she smashes the automatons and flees with her fiancé, whom she will marry at the village fete".

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


  • Various arts


  • Dance


20 participant(s) expected

200 visitor(s) expected


Thursday 14 March 2024.

Friday 15 March 2024.


Ballet Coppelia – Compagnie Petipa



Ballet Coppelia – Compagnie Petipa

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espace des arts - esplanade François Mittterand
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