“Black and Wet” Theatre by Frédéric Garbe


These are fascinating stories that children invent for themselves. Let's follow Lene, a little fille who, left alone at home, will brave the forbidden and her fears to go towards the unknown.

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Frédéric Garbe directs Jon Fosse by summoning the ghosts and worlds infinis of children's imagination.

To go down to the forbidden cellar, Lene first has to go upstairs and steal the big brother's flashlight, which is quite an adventure. Between reality and hallucination, there are all shades of black and white, greys of infinite density, the strange nobility of banality, the minute variations of Jon Fosse's bewitching language.
Camille Carraz's soft voice resounds and a whole universe is nestled in a halo. She invites us to follow in her footsteps in this suspension towards the unknown. A tale of transgression, a sensory journey, Lene's expedition is played out in a black velvet case where fragments of translucent spaces float. To overcome her fear, Lene goes through a whole fantasy world, all in torsions and transformations. Pauline Léonet's illuminated objects, Julien Chiclet's videos, as well as Vincent Hours' music, played live, accompany these shifts and immerse us. For a graphic and spiritual initiatory journey, an awakening that fills us with wonder.

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Ouvert le 20/04/2021
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“Black and Wet” Theatre by Frédéric Garbe



“Black and Wet” Theatre by Frédéric Garbe

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