Bus tour in Hyeres


This summer, the heritage and the pretty streets of Hyères can be visited by bus. With the " bus du patrimoine ( heritage bus in English ) it's a 45-minute audio guided tour ( in French ) from Tuesday to Sunday. And it's free!

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A 32-seater English style bus open to the azure sky, the voice of Claudine our guide to comment on heritage with texts by Pierre Avrial. This is the concept of this "heritage bus" ( bus du patrimoine in French). Discover the remarkable sites of Hyères town centre in 45 minutes (depending on traffic) and travel through the 19th century districts, the architecture of the Belle Époque, the villas and former palaces and the beautiful panorama from the castle...

The tour starts at Place Clémenceau, on the Avenue Alphonse Denis side. The route comprises 23 stages (see PDF document) which will be detailed in the audio commentaries (you can even plug in your own headphones) in French.

Halfway through, you will go to the esplanade of the castle to admire the exceptional view of the city and the islands. If you wish, you can even walk back down to the old town to discover the Villa Noailles, St Paul and other art trails.

The 7 daily rotations of the" heritage bus" are scheduled from Tuesday to Sunday, at 10am - 11am - 12pm - 3pm - 4pm - 5pm and 6pm.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural



Animals are not accepted.





Bus tour in Hyeres



Bus tour in Hyeres

Place Clémenceau
83400 Hyères