Café lecture #14 with Damien Dutrait


Duration 1 hour.
Meet the author, actor and musician Damien Dutrait for a café-lecture.
Originally an actor and musician, Damien Dutrait writes, plays and directs for the theatre and music. He also writes prose and poetry.

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World Summit

As he awaits the signing of a utopian global treaty on water - its distribution and free access - with the world's leaders, President Nioutt repeats his introductory speech. This treaty is his "baby", his pride, a planetary revolution, according to him. Meanwhile, his personal assistant, Jonathan, is making sure that everything is in place, including the tables, chairs and, above all, the carafes; it's hot here. The signing has been moved to a poor country, to an island, to make the summit look good to the rest of the world. But nothing goes according to plan: the heat is unbearable, the jugs are empty, there are demonstrators outside the building and, to top it all off, the water pipes have been blocked. Tension mounts, the press gets involved and horrible rumours about President Nioutt spread. Nioutt begins to lose his footing and Jonathan begins to have doubts. Between the two men, the dissension grows stronger. Should the world summit be cancelled? How to deal with the protesters? How should they react to the vile rumours about the President? Where to find something to drink? At the height of the crisis, a twist of fate reveals that Nioutt and his assistant are not who they say they are...

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


  • Reading


  • Artistic performance


  • 144



Animals are not accepted.




Ouvert le 05/02/2022
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 10:30:00


Café lecture #14 with Damien Dutrait



Café lecture #14 with Damien Dutrait

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