Circus “Born to be circus” by Circo Zoé


The twelve artists of the Italian-French circus company Circo Zoé live circus, think circus, day and night.

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So much so that they wanted to pay tribute to the circus and its poetry, its gestures, its rebellious music and its freedom in this show with the explicit title Born to be circus.

For them, the big top is the place of all possibilities: to cross life and art, to mix the real and the representation, reality and illusion. Touching the sacred when the lights come on and the fluttering bodies brush against the stars... With an energy and generosity that never fails, the troupe takes flight before our eyes, surpassing themselves, summoning the Chinese mast, the cyr wheel, the acrobatic bicycle, the wire, the hoop, and performing a series of lifts and flights. The show then becomes "a collective rite, a celebration of the present time, festive but already nostalgic".

By and with : Chiara Sicoli, Anouck Blanchet, Liz Braga, Simone Benedetti, Pedro Guerra, Adrien Fretard, David Schnabel, Gaël Manipoud, Andrea Cerrato.

Music: Diego Zanoli, Marta Pistocchi, Jean Stengel.

Languages spoken

  • French


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  • Circus


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Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: 20 € / 15 € reduced rate / 11 € youth rate. Reservation strongly advised. Happy Hour - Happy Circus" evening: Saturday 13 November Instable, Cie Les hommes penchés at 7.30pm + Born to Be Circus, Circo Zoé at 9.30pm + a free drink 20 € / 15 € youth rate (under 26).


Ouvert le 13/11/2021
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 21:30:00


Circus “Born to be circus” by Circo Zoé



Circus “Born to be circus” by Circo Zoé

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