Circus “Ploie sous mon poids” by la Cie Mauvais Coton


From the age of 8. Duration 1 hour.
The company Mauvais Coton has not finished surprising us by offering a kaleidoscopic playground, between acrobatics, choreography, scenography in movement and music.

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With it, movement creates rhythm, rhythm allows harmony, and the tumblers dance! Her new creation Ploie sous mon poids explores an indefinable state of being: impermanence. She brings to life before our eyes a metaphysical world with, in the centre of the stage, three somersault poles like stranded meteorites: an imaginary planet inhabited by five acrobat-musicians in unstable balance. Resisting, holding on, becoming one with the other, coming back to the centre whatever happens... It's a question of survival and humanity. Once again Mauvais Coton moves the lines, shakes our certainties, shifts our point of view, combining virtuoso technique and reflections on the state of the world, its fragility.

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  • French


  • Cultural


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  • Circus


  • 96



Animals are not accepted.

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Ouvert le 30/01/2021
  • Le SAMEDI de 19:00:00 à 19:00:00


Circus “Ploie sous mon poids” by la Cie Mauvais Coton



Circus “Ploie sous mon poids” by la Cie Mauvais Coton

Chapiteau de la Mer
av. Jean Baptiste Mattéi
Les Sablettes
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer