Circus “Mute” by Cie Sôlta & Collectif A4


From the age of six. Duration 1h10.
What if we were able to dilate time on stage and unmask its inner secrets? asks the Franco-Brazilian collective, which uses an imaginary button to summon silence, one time too many;

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to evoke excitement and feed the acrobatic momentum in a huge let go.

Chinese pole, pendulum pole, electric motorcycle, electric wheels, German wheel, smooth rope, juggling, aerial hoop, whip, acrobatic lifts and even a fan: circus is the modus operandi of this collective that flirts with contemporary dance. In resonance with this world where everything goes wild, Mute is a reflection on time: how to rethink and invest it differently. Expanding time in order to offer ourselves spaces conducive to suspension, untimely stops, backtracking, slow motion and other violent breaks. Mute then becomes an aerial parenthesis where the body tries to detach itself from linear time... But how far? Because disrupting the time continuum is not without consequences... But which ones? Hush, the mystery remains whole because the show is participatory and the representation, unique!

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


  • Show
  • Circus


  • 72



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: € 29 / € 20 reduced rate / € 11 - under 26. Booking is recommended.

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Ouvert le 13/02/2021
  • Le SAMEDI de 20:30:00 à 20:30:00


Circus “Mute” by Cie Sôlta & Collectif A4



Circus “Mute” by Cie Sôlta & Collectif A4

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