Comédie-théâtre “Les Femmes du Sud”


"Ricardo Montserrat met them and gave them the opportunity to speak, to write a text that was overwhelming in its humanity, lyrical and moving, like so many little ones
portraits, on the life of the Seyne sur Mer shipyards, their closure and mutual assistance".

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My encounter with this text made it obvious: I had to highlight the wealth of these women, who were too easily forgotten and left behind.
Women and Peace: two complementary axes that have inspired my work as an artist for many years.
I wanted to tell these emotions of such heavy lives sometimes... Their loves, the education of children, parents, immigration, work, home, solidarity, life around and in the building sites, Sundays spent with their families before television....
This generosity always! This way of being a woman, often available to others.
And this working class world with the perspective of what it means to build a ship and launch it, its struggles for a dignified life, in the daily life of a city that rustles, a port that vibrates!
A fantastic musicality emerges spontaneously from these scenes: the rhythms of the sirens, those of the tools on the metal sheet that echo the beats of the hearts lost of humanity and the formidable tumult of these lives of women-bearers.
I will mix with the musicians who accompany me, Magali Braconnot on violin and Aurélie Lombard on accordion, melodies of happiness, popular choruses, rhythms and sounds borrowed from the metallic sounds of the hulls of ships... and songs that exude the warmth of the south and the joy of life in the female.
These words of emotion, revolt and rage sometimes we will bring them to the stage united and happy to make the heart of our Mediterranean heritage audible!
Show under construction... Of course!

Catherine Lecoq

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  • Adult : €5 (Le 08/12/2019)

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Ouvert le 08/12/2019
  • Le DIMANCHE de 17:00:00 à 17:00:00


Comédie-théâtre “Les Femmes du Sud”



Comédie-théâtre “Les Femmes du Sud”

Chapiteau de la Mer
av. Jean Baptiste Mattéi
Les Sablettes
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer