Concert of Max Romeo


Author and performer of hits that marked the golden age of reggae such as "War Inna Babylon" or "Chase The Devil", Max Romeo is finally back after many years of absence.

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At the age of 74, one of the big names in Jamaican reggae will this year present his new album WORDS FROM THE BRAVE, which will be available from June 28, 2019.
The title of the opus says a lot about the epic journey of this man from the Jamaican countryside who had come to Kingston, the capital, to embark on a career as a singer. From the child who works in the fields, to the teenager who tries to make a place for himself in the ghetto, to the first successes in radio, MAX ROMEO 3 has gone through several phases throughout his life. Today the wise man he has become wanted to send a final message to the new generation.
A Franco-Jamaican collaboration, as we have rarely heard, between musical finesse, meticulous production and authentic Jamaican sounds.

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  • Reggae


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Ouvert le 30/05/2021
  • Le DIMANCHE de 21:00:00 à 21:00:00


Concert of Max Romeo



Concert of Max Romeo

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