Concert de Richard Bona


Richard Bona's Jazz concert with Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez.

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Revealed to the audience as a wonderful storyteller, extraordinary musician and enchanting vocalist Richard BONA multi-instrumentalist bassist singer has given so-called African music a new unexplored, universalist dimension.
"Through music, I can trace the history of a people, without referring to a book. I learn by exploring my roots," explains the singer. "The condition of the slaves was not happy. Stripped of their wealth and identity, they have been able, through their voices, their dances and their cuisine, to build a bridge between these cultures and leave us a legacy. With small touches, small hints, Richard Bona exhorts unity: "I like to embrace differences. By dint of hard work, we end up embracing tolerance, which is essential for living together. »
Richard BONA will be accompanied for the occasion by Alfredo RODRIGUEZ, Cuban pianist and composer and
"Pedrito" Martinez.
Pedrito is widely regarded as the leading percussionist of Latin jazz music and has recorded or played with Eric Clapton, Wynton Marsalis, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Chucho Valdez and Sting and has contributed to over 50 albums as a percussionist and singer.

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Ouvert le 27/11/2020
  • Le VENDREDI de 21:00:00 à 21:00:00


Concert de Richard Bona



Concert de Richard Bona

Centre culturel Tisot
Avenue Bartolini
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer