Music “The Cry of Cairo” Feat. Médéric Collignon


Poignant, overwhelming, powerful, free, poetic, lyrical, mystical... The Cairo Cry projects us into the upper echelons with its incandescent scans and vocal arabesques. Between revolt, prayer and incantation.

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Cairo, end 2013. A stone's throw from Tahrir Square, Abdullah Miniawy, a young Sufi singer, writer, poet and Slamist, carries within him the libertarian aspirations of the Egyptian people eager for justice: his hypnotic voice rises in a sort of haunting, tripal lament and lifts the hearts of the crowds. Just as he raises the hearts of the audience today as he raises those of the spectators swept away by the immense wave of rock and jazz of his secular and avant-garde compositions. Oscillating between spoken word and virtuoso Sufi singing, his undulating voice murmurs, clamours, wraps itself in atmospheric floating layers carried by the continuous breath of Peter Corser's saxophone, the "barock" strings of Karsten Hochapfel's cello and the blue-night volutes of the trumpet of Médéric Collignon, an exceptional guest of this evening. Stripped of all artifice, his music offers majestic and metaphorical swings that transcend identities and borders.

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Ouvert le 06/11/2020
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Music “The Cry of Cairo” Feat. Médéric Collignon



Music “The Cry of Cairo” Feat. Médéric Collignon

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