Concert Les Négresses Vertes & La Bestiole


1988: In the midst of the effervescence of alternative rock, the album "Mlah" by Les Négresses Vertes was released.

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It opens with "La waltz à l'accordéon" followed by the famous "Zobi la mouche", the band's post-punk manifesto and "Voila l'été". Later came the titles "Sous le soleil de bodega", "Face à la mer" and many others...

The charismatic and boisterous tribe was formed in the popular Paris of the 1980s, through the equestrian cabaret Zingaro, punk and gypsy music. They will give birth to the Green Negresses who remain to this day one of our most emblematic representatives abroad.

Particularly attached to Great Britain from the beginning of their career with the remix of Zobi by William Orbit, the group has given memorable concerts in venues and festivals including the famous Reading.
The tragic death of the singer Helno in 1993 marked a turning point in the group's history. They will get up and continue to produce new albums, exploring musical universes by collaborating with Massive Attack for the superb remix of Face à la Mer, or Howie B with the excellent album Trabendo. They will continue to play around the world until the band split in 2001.

Those who attended their concerts still remember the musical fusion full of energy and humanity that emerged from their show, for others, we are happy to announce: Les Négresses Vertes on tour in 2019 - for the 30th anniversary of "Mlah".

The Bug
The Bug is a strange creature: 2 brains, 4 hands, 1 heart, a guitarist and a percussionist singer who plays drums standing upright. And that's not a detail at all.

La Bestiole is a hybrid being: half angel, half demon; half pop, half rock, who invents beautiful songs in French to singular tunes. It is a raging poetry and the contagious ardour of a real stage animal.

La Bestiole celebrates these 10 years this year with a third album "Les Grands Rapides" recorded in the great Davout studio! 10 years of experience between France, Belgium and Canada. 10 years accompanying some great names: Asaf Avidan, Joe Bonamassa, Têtes Raides, Izia, Mademoiselle K, The Zombies...

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Ouvert le 26/10/2019
  • Le SAMEDI de 20:30:00 à 23:30:00


Concert Les Négresses Vertes & La Bestiole



Concert Les Négresses Vertes & La Bestiole

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