Concert – “Les yeux de la tête + Karpatt


On the one hand, there's KARPATT, a French band that has been blending French chanson, gypsy jazz, rock, South American rhythms and electro touches for over twenty years to create a musical universe without borders.

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Their music is a captivating journey, rich in emotion and discovery. On the other hand, LES YEUX D'LA TÊTE invite you into a world of gentle, luminous, nostalgic and catchy songs, imbued with good humor, sharing and bewitching rhythms that will make you dance. These two groups promise you an evening not to be missed, a happy melancholy and a musical adventure full of surprises. A promise of new musical horizons not to be missed.

Languages spoken

  • French



Extra cost: 20 euros ( EXCLUDING TICKET FEES )

Extra Booking: Standing Concert - Free seating


Saturday 2 March 2024 at 9 pm.


Concert – “Les yeux de la tête + Karpatt



Concert – “Les yeux de la tête + Karpatt

Centre culturel Tisot
Avenue Bartolini
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer