Theater “La dernière bande” directed by Jacques Osinski


There was love. Before. There were dreams and hope in the sound of the wind. There are still moments of life in recordings. Directed by Jacques Osinski, we are faced with an exceptional actor: Denis Lavant.

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As if he was rebuilding the theatre after razing it to the ground, Beckett is redefining it for modern times. What remains is perhaps its essential quality, the extraordinary simultaneity of past and present in the same place and time. In The Last Tape, a man listens on his birthday to tapes he recorded years before. He comments on them while eating bananas. He is a modern man coupled to the recording machine while he is still a little primate, poorly removed from the animal. And in a deep, antediluvian night, on the stage, almost nothing and the whole universe.

Denis Lavant is a great among greats. A dancing figure, a mixture of roughness and softness, a hoarse voice, this poet of the stage, under the direction of Jacques Osinski, radiates naturally, without effect and without bluster. His face alone is quite a spectacle and Beckett fits him like a glove.

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Ouvert le 13/10/2020
  • Le MARDI à partir de 20:30:00
Ouvert le 14/10/2020
  • Le MERCREDI à partir de 20:30:00


Theater “La dernière bande” directed by Jacques Osinski



Theater “La dernière bande” directed by Jacques Osinski

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