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"Love, that island of sincerity lost in an ocean of preconceived ideas. "To put an end to a distorted image of women, Sophia Aram brilliantly overturns centuries of clichés about women.

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An acute observer of society, with an uncompromising eye but with the indispensable touch of humor that hits home, Sophia Aram knows her stuff. After having spoken about school, religions, or the rise of the extremes, she approaches now a problem which does not date from yesterday, but which is curiously always so little, or badly
violence against women. Why, she asks, did it take the Harvey Weinstein denunciations and the #MeToo movement to become aware of the pervasiveness of sexism? With her characteristic biting wit and sagacity, she analyzes how the reductive vision of women insinuates itself everywhere: in education, music, fairy tales, religion and even everything related to desire or ambition, right down to menstruation. Fierce and funny, a salutary questioning of many prejudices.

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Show “A nos amours” Sophia Aram



Show “A nos amours” Sophia Aram

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