“Acqua Alta” show


Three experiences in resonance. On stage, dance and animated digital images mingle for a journey through water in all its forms. In the theatre, a virtual reality experience and an augmented reality book complete the journey.

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A woman, a man, a house, a daily life that is in disarray. One day, a flood ravages everything. All that is left is a head of hair with a mischievous life. A playful plunge into the world of water, undulating variations, rain, waves, currents, Acqua Alta (High Water) refers to the submergence of the city in the Venice lagoon caused by the tidal peaks. Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot have concocted an experience to be lived in three moments, three states of perception that complement and respond to each other...
Acqua Alta - Noir d'encre A visual theatre performance, combining dance and living digital images.
Acqua Alta - La traversée du miroir An exposed book whose drawings and paper volumes form the backdrop for a story visible in augmented reality.
Acqua Alta - Tête à tête A virtual reality experience (recommended for ages 13 and up) where one of the scenes is experienced in an immersive way through a personal headset.

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  • French


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Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: From €5 to €29. Reservation strongly advised.

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Ouvert le 19/11/2021
  • Le VENDREDI à partir de 20:30:00


“Acqua Alta” show



“Acqua Alta” show

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