Dance “And So It Goes…” by Désiré Davids


South Africa, France, Mozambique, in this triangle Désiré Davids composes And So It Goes..., a choreography where crossbreeding is synonymous with openings and journeys, with differences that unite to share a vital momentum.

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Désiré Davids came to the Liberté to present her solo Transit as part of a Mardi Liberté in 2018. Born in South Africa, where she grew up and became a dancer, then a renowned choreographer, she now lives and works in France while collaborating with African artists, notably in Mozambique. In And So It Goes... (Et ainsi de suite...), a piece for four dancers and a musician, cultures come together and take off, bodies pulsate, experience the relationship between feet and earth and the relationship with the other, bodies seek and discover each other, balance, undulate, rise and find each other. The original live music is the work of one of Maputo's most talented musicians, Matchume Zango. A virtuoso, he plays many African instruments, including the chitende (musical bow) and the timbila (xylophone with wooden strips), accompanying the dancers as closely as possible to their pulsations.

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  • Dance


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Extra reception facilities: Accessible to blind and visually impaired spectators.



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Dance “And So It Goes…” by Désiré Davids



Dance “And So It Goes…” by Désiré Davids

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