Dance “Dividus” by Nacim Battou


In the near future, we will no longer remember what was. Nacim Battou and his dancers imagine a world without memory and without culture.

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They explore and transmit the memory of past gestures through a choreographic writing that combines contemporary dance and hip-hop.

Dividus is inspired by the notion of "dividu" dear to the Japanese writer Keiichirō Hirano. Opposed to "individual" (which does not divide), the "dividu", on the contrary, divides. He is the one who adapts, connects, can modify himself according to the relationships he has with others and thus define his own evolving identity. In a dystopian universe, the stage is like a box: white floor, neon ceiling, projection surfaces, a laboratory of the living, a cave for new rebirths. The need for live performance has long since ceased in this future world, and the dancers seek the past motors of artistic creation. Dance of sensation, of imbalance, of contact, of quest, the questions that the dancers ask themselves and us in the universal language of the body: "What planet? What world? What kind of society will we leave behind?"

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Dance “Dividus” by Nacim Battou



Dance “Dividus” by Nacim Battou

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