Dance show “The Others”


Vibratory, sensitive, epidermal, Kader Attou's dance mixes hip-hop roots and contemporary dance.

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Out of the boxes and the clichés, he goes today to the territories of the unusual and the strange, on a fine wavelength which makes the real tremble in this link which is tied between oneself and the Others.
From Saint-Priest to the CCN of La Rochelle, and all over the world, Kader Attou has been one of the first to bring hip-hop dance to the most prestigious stages, transforming a performance practice into a recognized choreographic writing. Working around the notions of the extraordinary and the inconceivable, Les Autres, in the unbalanced set design by Olivier Borne, opens up a phantasmagorical space-time. Two musicians, on stage, play rare instruments whose sound can remind of singing. Grégoire Blanc plays the musical saw and the theremin, an electronic instrument where the hands undulate inside an electromagnetic field. Loup Barrow is a specialist of the Cristal Baschet, a "crystal organ" that is played by caressing glass rods with his wet fingers. A waking reverie where the bodies are all music and the music dances, six dancers, at the crossroads of cultures, diffuse vibrating waves of softness and intensity.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Entertainment/recreation


  • Show
  • Dance
  • Artistic performance


  • 96



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: From 5 € to 29 €. Reservation recommended.


Ouvert le 12/05/2022
  • Le JEUDI à partir de 20:30:00
Ouvert le 13/05/2022
  • Le VENDREDI à partir de 20:30:00


Dance show “The Others”



Dance show “The Others”

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