Dance “Sur tes épaules” by the Compagnie La Baraka


"One is not born a woman, one becomes one", said Simone de Beauvoir in her essay The Second Sex.

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Based on this famous phrase, which denounces the assignment of women to a secondary place, the company La Baraka, with choreographer Nawal Aït Benalla, invents an energetic and daring dance that questions and claims a full place, a femininity that asserts itself.

While society is still moving too slowly on the issue of equal rights for women, much remains to be done to break out of a deep-rooted relegation. With eight dancers in a three-part piece (a sextet, a duo and an octet), Nawal Aït Benalla expresses poetically what cannot easily be said in words. It takes courage and challenges to find ways of asserting oneself after the shyness that blocks. The liberation of buried desires authorises a frenetic and compulsive dance that overturns limitations and finds its marks with a singular grace. The weight of a body offered and the overcoming of this gravity, an imprint in the ground, the claim to a space of one's own... Individual paths are overcome and the group finds a word of liberation and new glory.

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  • French


  • Cultural


  • Dance


  • 96



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: From €5 to €29. Reservation strongly advised.

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Ouvert le 19/11/2022
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 20:30:00


Dance “Sur tes épaules” by the Compagnie La Baraka



Dance “Sur tes épaules” by the Compagnie La Baraka

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