Music: Enzo Carniel & House of Echo


Between echoes and metamorphoses, Enzo Carniel's compositions summon our imagination and walls, visible and invisible, to offer a gliding flight into another world. The promise of a journey as hypnotic as it is mysterious...

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Quartet formed by pianist Enzo Carniel, guitarist Marc-Antoine Perrio, bassist Simon Tailleu and drummer Ariel Tessier, the hexagonal group is not its first try.
drummer Ariel Tessier, the hexagonal group is not at its first try. With their first two albums, they had already conquered the jazz planet with their music from a world that doesn't exist.opus, Wallsdown, is as staggering as it is sidereal and creates unprecedented alchemies between "melodic delirium, noisy treatments
noisy treatments, atmospheric improvisations, pauses, concrete manipulations, rock energy and sculpted distortions! "Attending a concert by Enzo Carniel and his band is the assurance of a unique experience, both sonic and spiritual, where the souls of the audience will and spiritual experience, where souls soar to stratospheric heights shrouded in ambient, electronic, repetitive music and pure
repetitive music and the pure sounds of nature. As if in a sacred musical ritual.

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  • French


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  • Jazz and blues
  • Contemporary music


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Extra cost: Reservations are required as the number of seats is limited. The Châteauvallon ticket office is open from Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 6pm and on Saturdays and performance days from 2pm.


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Music: Enzo Carniel & House of Echo



Music: Enzo Carniel & House of Echo

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