Demi portion concert (Hip Hop)


Rachid Daïf, also known as Demi-Portion, began rapping with Karim, also known as Sprinter, in 1995 in the duo Les Grandes Gueules. Originally from Sète (Hérault), they made a name for themselves in 1996 when they opened for Fonky Family in their home town.

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A lover of words, Demi-Portion cannot fail to pay tribute to Georges Brassens, the most famous of the Sétois, whose "Bonhomme" and "Le Mécréant" he covers.
In 2009, Demi Portion released 8 Titres et Demi, Vol. 2 and the album En Paradis d'Enfer with Les Grandes Gueules. His real talent for writing and rap without frills or production tricks triumphed in October 2011 with Artisan du Bic. This first album, from which emerged the tracks "Artisan du Bic" and "Mon Dico (Chapitre 2)", made it into the top 100 French sales of the moment.
In 2015, he released the album Dragon Rash, which refers to the successful animated series Dragon Ball Z.
Oxmo Puccino, Disiz, Aketo and Mokless accompany him in this return to the 1990s.

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Extra cost: 15 € excluding ticketing fees. Reservations recommended on Francebillet / FNAC / Ticketnet or Weezevent.


Ouvert le 12/03/2022
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 21:00:00


Demi portion concert (Hip Hop)



Demi portion concert (Hip Hop)

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