Exhibition in Villa Noailles about architecture


Hyères, the architecture of hotels through photography. 1950 – 1980
For this second edition of “Archiville”, the villa Noailles presents 18 hotels – through photography – that embody the history of the city or that are humbly part of a more common story: the one of a tourist hedonism.
Through archive documents and a current state of play by means of a photography commission, it aims at showcasing these hotels as unique objects of the Hyères landscape and the keepers of a collective memory.
Designed as a stroll through the
territory, the exhibition brings together photographs of varying kinds and scales where architecture is experienced
through the collage of several fragments. For each hotel, vintage postcards
dialogue with contemporary images by invited photographer Anaïs Boileau. In
a simultaneous relationship to past and present, this set of photographs reflects the architectural evolutions and changes of each place. The series of postcards
of one same hotel allows to document their existence over time, while the contemporary photographs stand as a joyful demonstration of their integration
as an object into Hyères urban landscape. Through this storytelling where time is superimposed and details are revealed, the architecture, through photography, is not a still subject anymore but an actual active image of the city

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From 27/02 to 30/04/2022
Opening hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1 pm and 6 pm.


Exhibition in Villa Noailles about architecture



Exhibition in Villa Noailles about architecture

Villa Noailles
Montée Noailles
83400 Hyères