Exhibition “Passeurs de culture 2022


Passeurs de culture was born from the idea of encouraging the delicate transition from primary to secondary school through work on photographic art.

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And this is what was imagined for this new season: a visit to the 10 classes invited to the exhibition "Voyage en démocratie" by Gérard Rancinan and Caroline Gauldriault, in situ photo workshops featuring the children directed by Léna Durr, texts worked on in class by Lucile Bordes and, finally, an exhibition on the garden level of the photographic works and texts. This photographic journey was concocted by the various partners: Carine Calafato, art advisor for the primary schools, Sylvie Mathiesen, in charge of the DAAC mission for the secondary schools, the teachers and the entire Villa Tamaris team.
255 children exhibit their photographic works, accompanied by powerful texts, in this magnificent place that is the Villa Tamaris.
Democracy, photography, writing.

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Animals are not accepted.




Closed on Mondays and public holidays. Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only with Mrs Pastor on 04 94 06 84 11.
Du 15/06/2022 au 22/07/2022
  • Le MERCREDI de 13:30:00 à 18:30:00
  • Le JEUDI de 13:30:00 à 18:30:00
  • Le VENDREDI de 13:30:00 à 18:30:00
  • Le SAMEDI de 13:30:00 à 18:30:00
  • Le DIMANCHE de 13:30:00 à 18:30:00


Exhibition “Passeurs de culture 2022



Exhibition “Passeurs de culture 2022

Villa Tamaris centre d'art
295 av. de la Grande Maison
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer