Exhibition “Journey to democracy” by Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault


Gérard Rancinan, photographer, and Caroline Gaudriault, author, known for their "Trilogy of the Moderns" which is currently touring the world's national museums, have for years been keen witnesses of the metamorphoses of our society.

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Contemporary mutations provide material for their reflection.
Monumental and expressionist photographs for Gérard Rancinan who stages the virulence and subversion of contemporary life. Thirty photographs tailored to the rages and desires he transposes. In this allegorical verve of sharp observation, he exhibits for the first time an exceptional and unique 15-metre long fresco on the excesses of power.
Writing installations for Caroline Gaudriault who, through the creation of suspended parchments, videos of texts or sound immersions, leads to a percussive and sensitive reflection on the dramaturgy of the time.

"Journey into Democracy" raises pertinent and above all impertinent questions. From ochlocracy to webocracy, from theatocracy to democrature: these nicknames do not sound like coincidences. They have their roots in a representation in crisis and insidiously pose the question: who has the power? Attempts at an answer are hidden between the media and their objectivity; in the price of democracy; in virtual and algorithmic realities; in the quest for identity of a forgotten population; in the bureaucracy of Cerfas and circulars; in the dogmatism that neutralises debates; in the hygienisation of a society that would like to be moral and irreproachable; in the abandonment of our confidentialities...

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Exhibition “Journey to democracy” by Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault



Exhibition “Journey to democracy” by Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault

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