Exposition Tourne disque


Exhibition of turntables and vinyl sleeves

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The way we listen to music shapes our taste, guides our choices and shapes our relationship with this art form. So, is it perhaps in response to the upheaval - the destabilization - produced by streaming and the crisis in music-listening practices that we understand the return to favor of vinyl culture? No longer seen simply as vintage cult objects, but as a way of approaching music differently, LPs and vinyl turntables are popular with collectors and the general public alike. But this second youth is also an object of curiosity, as the history of the LP has a long history.

In 1948, Columbia replaced 78 rpm records with vinyl discs, which could be recorded with narrower, closer grooves, thus increasing recording time. In order to listen to these "LPs", the production of a successor to the gramophone was launched: the electrophone or record player, initially presented in the form of a suitcase, met with widespread public success thanks to its moderate cost and practical format.

Turntables and vinyl records became part of people's everyday lives, and 33 and 45 rpm records became symbols of pop culture, giving rise to a dizzying number of artists over the decades. This glory lasted until a new technological evolution, the Compact Disc, led to the vertiginous fall of vinyl, and then another, digital dematerialization, paradoxically contributed to its miraculous rebirth years later.

Around an exhibition of equipment - from gramophones to high-tech turntables - and some 160 record sleeves, the Tourne-disques event tells the story of the turntable and 33 rpm, with a conference and two concert-meetings highlighting the relationship between micro-labels and vinyl record production. It's also an opportunity for the Médiathèque to showcase a collection of 1,200 vinyl records, accessible to all, to keep the passion for music alive.

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From 03/02 to 02/03/2024
Opening hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 1.30 pm and 6 pm. On Wednesday and Saturday between 10 am and 6 pm.


Exposition Tourne disque



Exposition Tourne disque

Médiathèque Saint-John Perse
Place Théodore Lefèvre
83400 Hyères