La Garde Run Party: a colorful foot race


Sport, color and fun! That's the Garde Run Party recipe. There's no need to run fast, the main thing is to have fun alone, with family or friends, and to finish as colorful as possible!

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With no time limit and accessible to all: people with reduced mobility are welcome, this race has been organized for the past 4 years during the Mai Sportif sports night.
The course is three kilometers from the Guy Môquet stadium. As they run, participants will be sprayed with colored powder by volunteers.
Departure is around 9pm for a 3 km loop through the Parc des Sports. The course is accessible to people with reduced mobility and to children aged 6 and over (closed and secure site).

After registering on April 8, you will receive a free kit including : T-shirt, glasses, necklace, fluorescent bracelets and a bag. Registration on

Throughout the race, you'll be generously sprinkled with Holi powder, which fluoresces under black light, and once you've crossed the finish line, you'll be given a bag of colored powder... Explosions of color and laughter guaranteed!

To immortalize the evening, selfie boxes will be available on the evening of the event.
Entertainment and food village.

Information: Maison des sports, place Tomasini (behind the lycée du Coudon), 04 98 04 04 21 ou 22

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Sports and leisure


  • Pedestrian sports
  • Race (on foot)
  • Hiking


  • Competition


  • 72



  • One price : €6 (Le 24/05/2024)


Friday 24 May 2024.


La Garde Run Party: a colorful foot race



La Garde Run Party: a colorful foot race

Stade Guy Moquet 2
Avenue Robespierre
83130 La Garde