Theatre “We are not here to disappear


On 6 July 2004, he stabbed his wife five times with a knife.

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Olivia Rosenthal interweaves voices: that of Mr T., those of the people around him, his wife, his doctor, a policeman who questions him, the author... Mr T. is already elsewhere, in his dreams, in the trees, in America...

In the dispossession of self and the loss of identity, the portrait of Mr T. takes shape in the voices of those close to him. Snippets of the story of the discovery of the disease at the end of the 19th century also resound. The indeterminacy of the voices, which are neither identified nor named, echoes the loss of his consciousness. The body of the actor, Yuming Hey, is traversed by these voices that go beyond him. The actor fascinates, alone on stage in a very white, very cold, almost medical atmosphere. The stage set-up evokes this process of loss, of erasing humanity, which is at the heart of the novel.
The character dialogues with the video creations of the artist Justine Emard, the music of Rebecca Meyer and the voice-over of Marina Hands in a disturbing, moving relationship. Madame T. Struggles not to disappear. It is their life together that he erases when he hits her with his knife.

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Theatre “We are not here to disappear



Theatre “We are not here to disappear

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