Master class: The Tournament of Sixts


Résidence Transmission #8 - Carole Errante, Héla Fattoumi, Éric Lamoureux, Raoul Lay

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"In the beginning, there's a desire. A fantasy, a dream."
The desire to work with all the disciplines at the Conservatoire TPM on a project that goes beyond the specificities of each to benefit the collective.
The desire to do whatever it takes, to invent - almost without limit - an extraordinary opera for symphony orchestra, Junior Ballet, student actors, instrumental ensemble and video device.
It's also the opportunity, over the space of a term, to explore with top-level artistic partners the intersecting paths of learning and creation.
This invitation to take part in the Transmission program, brilliantly run by the Conservatoire TPM for several years now, honors me and invites me to take my work even further.
With Le tournoi des sixtes, a Multi-Opera about soccer, television, adolescence and the 70s, I'm taking unprecedented artistic risks.
To my great delight...", Raoul Lay.

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Ouvert le 18/03/2024
  • Le LUNDI à partir de 09:00:00
Ouvert le 23/03/2024
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 20:30:00
Ouvert le 24/03/2024
  • Le DIMANCHE à partir de 16:00:00


Master class: The Tournament of Sixts



Master class: The Tournament of Sixts

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