Musical theatre “The Game of Shadows


Considered the first of all operas, Monteverdi's Orfeo offers the Bellorini-Novarina duo the opportunity to establish a dialogue between theatre and music around a myth of absolute love.

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Eurydice steps on a viper which bites her. Death of Eurydice. Orpheus, mad with grief, goes down to the Underworld to find his wife. With his song, he soothes the terrible Cerberus, Charon and Proserpine, who return Eurydice to him. But he must not look at her before leaving! Since he cannot resist the temptation, she dies again. Valère Novarina, an inspired author, painter and director (sometimes all at once) who describes himself as a 'shadow bearer', was the perfect person to follow in the footsteps of Orpheus, the poets' hero.

On stage, it is a world of destruction and chaos, ravaged by fire. Above, a bridge that storytellers and musicians use as messengers of beauty. Bellorini, Monteverdi, Novarina, together, descend to the depths of darkness to seek Orpheus, guided by the god Love. Back in the brightness of the sun, life is reborn and flourishes through the grace of music and song.

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Extra cost: From €5 to €35. Reservation recommended.

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Ouvert le 15/07/2022
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Musical theatre “The Game of Shadows



Musical theatre “The Game of Shadows

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