One man show “Mime de rien” de Patrik Cottet Moine


Fantaisie Prod and the Cie des Zèbres as part of the Festival Les Rires d'Après :
Take a large escogriffe with an elastic body, a puppet out of a Tex Avery "cartoon".

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Add to that a disarticulated, outrageously "grimaceous" and surgically insane body. Shake it up real hard. Serve fresh! All that's left is to taste (without moderation) Patrik Cottet-Moine, one of the most zany silhouettes now revealed on stage. At once clown, noise maker and mime, this great flanker breaks the locks of normality and opens its doors wide to a host of offbeat and hilarious characters. His universe, which Buster Keaton would not have denied, is contagious like a crazy laugh, takes the audience out of time, dusting off the daily routine, dosing the comical and poetic. If the feet knit the scene, the head remains firmly planted in the clouds, capable of making the absurd definitively credible, at the risk of never wanting to touch the ground again. Howlingly thrilled!

80 minutes of visual humor for the general public.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


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  • Theatre
  • One man Show


  • 72



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: 15,50 €. Tickets on sale in our reception.

Extra Booking: Reservation is strongly recommended.

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Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
Ouvert le 22/07/2020
  • Le MERCREDI de 21:00:00 à 22:30:00


One man show “Mime de rien” de Patrik Cottet Moine



One man show “Mime de rien” de Patrik Cottet Moine

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