One man show Patrick Cottet Moine “Au quai” (On the quay)


We know Patrick for the creation of the famous group of crazy songs "Les Z'ablocks" then for his noisy mimes whose shows went around the world until they reached the final of the show "La France a un incroyable talent".

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Yet this high-flying artist likes to question himself regularly and it is in the cabaret song that he decides to launch his brand new show entitled "Au Quai". The subject: Two artists blocked in the station by a train delay start spinning songs on the piano on duty. Trapped passengers like them become the audience. A repertoire that is done while waiting... On stage, or should we say on the platform, a succession of songs, sketches, improvisations and interactivity take place. With his piano and accordion companion, Patrick Gondolf, the handsome artist with the big neck, promises you a delicious wait that makes us hope that the train never arrives.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


  • Show
  • Theatre
  • One man Show / One woman show



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: 18 € / 16 € reduced rate. Reservation is strongly recommended. Tickets on sale in our reception.

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Doors open at 7pm for bar service and snacks.
Ouvert le 14/05/2021
  • Le VENDREDI à partir de 20:30:00


One man show Patrick Cottet Moine “Au quai” (On the quay)



One man show Patrick Cottet Moine “Au quai” (On the quay)

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