Writing workshop of the association Faire du Neuf avec Vous


Come and share a moment of conviviality with the members of the association Faire du Neuf avec Vous

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The workshop should bring us together in a friendly manner, in a spirit of common endeavor, without judgment and without criticism. It is important to feel comfortable in our group and we will be able to discuss all the subjects that interest you. The workshop should awaken and confirm the pleasure of writing, of constructing one's story. Writing is a solitary process and it is often the lack of self-confidence that makes people back off. The workshop will be there to avoid isolation and discouragement and to prepare for it. Instead of starting with technical principles, I believe it is better to discover them by writing. Because no one should feel constrained. Our approach must bring emotions, pleasure, sometimes disappointments and we are united to avoid them. This workshop should allow each person to start and follow a writing project in the genre he or she wishes: sentimental, thriller, adventure, fantasy...
How does a writing workshop session work?
A writing proposal: everyone writes, usually for half an hour, and then each person gives voice to what they have written. And we talk about it, we comment on it, that is to say that everyone receives feedback as the texts are read aloud, from the facilitator and then from the people in the group. This "passage" is however a decisive step forward. It is moving and very quickly, it represents an immense interest to have the feedback of a benevolent public. The pedagogical dimension lies in the exchange of points of view, the comparisons of writing, the construction and the evolution of the text. This method gives the rare opportunity to develop an argument or to notice its clumsiness.

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Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: This activity requires only the amount of the membership to the association (15 € for the year 2021), as well as, as required by the law concerning health regulations: a valid pass (either vaccine, or negative test of less than 72 hours, or antigenic test validated by a health professional of less than 72 hours also). This pass will obviously be checked at each workshop or at the dates of validity.

Extra Booking: Reservations recommended.


Du 14/09/2021 au 06/09/2022
  • Le MARDI de 14:00:00 à 16:00:00


Writing workshop of the association Faire du Neuf avec Vous



Writing workshop of the association Faire du Neuf avec Vous

La Maurelle Bât. E
108 av. Bidouré
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer