Qasi Festival (concert performances): Lucie Antunes + Marc Melià


At a time when concert halls are still unable to find their audience
"Espace Malraux and the City of Six-Fours are launching the Qasi Festival, a series of "standing of concerts and performances offered and seated.

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With an off-format, audacious and resolutely turned towards
In the future, Qasi will be a sharp, friendly and pioneering event!

Pass-Walls "Synthetic Pleasures"
Since its creation, Murailles Music has been driven by the same desire: to offer exhilarating and singular concerts delivered by adventurous artists who want to offer the public unpredictable and unforgettable stage experiences.
To surprise and suspend (time, the course of things, accepted logic), that could be our watchword. Spectacular forms without artifice nourished by a popular taste for experimentation, a benevolent insolence, an ever-renewed joy of discovery, let's cultivate that!
Let's fly towards the music of the future, let yourself be carried away by prophetic and mischievous musicians, and let's taste their acid-free yet tasty protein trips.

Lucie Antunes
"Sergeï" is the imaginary character created by Lucie Antunes. He takes us to the heart of sensorial, universal crossings, through a cinematographic and dancing music.
Lucie is inspired by the precursors of repetitive music such as Steve Reich or Terry Riley, for the composition of her pieces. Trained as a percussionist with a classical/contemporary background, she creates, in the style of John Cage, new sound materials thanks to the mixing of acoustic sounds, objects of recuperation and electronic sounds. In our ears to accompany this journey: ondes Martenot, vibraphone, marimba, prophet 6, moog, glockenspiel, percussion, pipes and metals of all kinds, drums, voices and videos.

Marc Melià
Unlike the vast majority of electronic music concerts today, Marc Melià literally makes each song by hand, in a totally artisanal way, without ever relying on pre-recorded sequences. He naturalises what is synthetic, humanises what is robotic, reveals the beauty of a music through cold and emotionless natural sounds. In 'Music For Prophet', the dichotomy between a will to be real and the impossibility of escaping the artificial nature of one's being is staged, as when Rachael realises that she is a Replicant in the 1982 film Blade Runner.
"Marc Melià, a little Belgian jewel, embodies voluble gentleness. We had pleasure and fascination listening to the tracks of his first album, created in honour of the Prophet, one of the flagship synthesizers of analogue music. An epic imaginary journey and an artist to be followed to the millimetre. "Radio Nova

To ensure your safety, the concerts will be organised in compliance with the health standards in force.

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Animals are not accepted.



Extra cost: Free entry within the limit of available places. As the seat gauge is reduced due to distance, we strongly recommend that you book online.


Ouvert le 18/02/2021
  • Le JEUDI à partir de 19:30:00


Qasi Festival (concert performances): Lucie Antunes + Marc Melià



Qasi Festival (concert performances): Lucie Antunes + Marc Melià

Espace culturel André Malraux
100 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny
83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages