Qasi Festival (concerts performances) : Arnaud Rebotini + Jessica93


At a time when concert halls are still unable to find their audience
"Espace Malraux and the City of Six-Fours are launching the Qasi Festival, a series of "standing of concerts and performances offered and seated.

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With an off-format, audacious and resolutely turned towards
In the future, Qasi will be a sharp, friendly and pioneering event!

Arnaud Rebotini
Arnaud Rebotini's career began in 1995 with a few techno EPs released on different labels. In 2000, Arnaud Rebotini released his first album, Organique (Artefact, 2000), under the pseudonym Zend Avesta. At the same time, he founds the band Black Strobe, which releases in 2007 a first album, Burn Your Own Church directed by Paul Epworth (Adèle, Florence And The Machine, Block Party, The Rapture), followed by Godforsaken Roads in 2014.
Arnaud Rebotini adds to the different aspects of his career and productions a collaboration with France Info as he is the composer of the sound design for the radio from 2009 to 2014. Arnaud Rebotini's debut, notably with the style of Zend Avesta's productions, also opens his career to cinema. After a title for Novo, by Jean-Pierre Limosin, it is with director Robin Campillo that Arnaud Rebotini's collaboration with cinema is sealed since he signs the two soundtracks of his last two feature films, Eastern Boys and 120 Beats per minute.
Impeccable suit, perfectly falling moustache, delicately slicked back hair, third line build ... Arnaud Rebotini is a real eye-catcher as soon as he appears on stage. He literally takes the stage, grabs it and doesn't let go of it. Surrounded by all those keyboards and analog machines, he builds, in sets that drive you crazy, a pure and hard vintage techno with a slow and hypnotic evolution. Half of Blackstrobe can already claim the status of electronic music legend.

Jessica93 is a troublemaker of a prolific underground scene, with no less than four albums and countless concerts in small venues as well as on the stages of major festivals. Behind this nickname hides Geoffroy Laporte's project: a hypnotic and insolent mix of post-punk, noise, grunge, terribly addictive.
To ensure your safety, the concerts will be organized according to the following standards sanitary facilities in force.

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Extra cost: Free entry within the limit of available places. As the seat gauge is reduced due to distance, we strongly recommend that you book online.


Ouvert le 27/11/2020
  • Le VENDREDI à partir de 20:30:00


Qasi Festival (concerts performances) : Arnaud Rebotini + Jessica93



Qasi Festival (concerts performances) : Arnaud Rebotini + Jessica93

Espace culturel André Malraux
100 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny
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