Show “Le Sublime Sabotage” by Yohann Metay


The Sublime Sabotage*
*-Sabotage: n.m., procrastination and leakage based failure action.
Consequence: public apology for not having written the masterpiece the public had so much hoped for.

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-Sublime: adj, which elevates towards beauty. Which makes the miserable poetic. It transforms poodle droppings into rubies.
-Sublime Sabotage: great epic and burlesque movement that tries to turn a pathetic failure into a comic adventure.

Retired in his longère angevine, a comedian has given up the race for Molière and glory after years of success and praise. Content with selling cheese and yoga, he yearns for peace. But the discovery of an old criticism about him will set fire to this extinct volcano and launch him into an adventure of creation that will lead him into a burlesque spiral from which he will not emerge flamboyant but perhaps a little freer than before. Wow it's beautiful.
After 9 years of touring "La Tragédie du dossard 512" Yohann Métay comes back with a new crazy story.

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Ouvert le 08/10/2021
  • Le VENDREDI de 20:30:00 à 22:00:00


Show “Le Sublime Sabotage” by Yohann Metay



Show “Le Sublime Sabotage” by Yohann Metay

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