One Man Show : Harold Barbé in Deadline


It's not easy to make jokes at night when you've buried people in the morning.

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But when, on top of that, you're in charge of commentating on all the games of a football team that rarely wins at the weekend, it's very difficult to find positive points in your life. Yet it is working for death that will teach Harold to love life.

Besides, how would we approach life if we were given a death date in advance? If, like yoghurt, we had an expiry date. A deadline...

That's a big topic for a former undertaker/sports commentator. Yet this professional "elasticity" allows Harold to develop a multitude of ideas that bring us all closer together: the benefits of Californian massage in a spa, child rearing, how to spice up your married life after 15 years together, money, the perfect death...

Fans of metal, pop culture, comic books, sex toys, Stifler in American Pie... If you love life, or hate life for that matter, this show is for you.

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Ouvert le 19/03/2022
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One Man Show : Harold Barbé in Deadline



One Man Show : Harold Barbé in Deadline

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