Show “Ohé et le monde des pensées” by Philippe Roche


From a very young age he was called Ahoy! All day long, in a kind of distant echo, he heard Ahoy! Ahoy!? but it always ended with a "Tidy your room!", "Pack your bag!", "Dinner time!!!".

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This was repeated so often that those around him no longer even called him by his own first name and even ended up forgetting him...
Everybody said that he had his head in the clouds... He was the dreamer of the family... the stunned one of the gang... But Ahoy wasn't dreaming, he was conscious of things, he just let himself go along with his thoughts... which took him at any moment in a magical world, full of extraordinary adventures ! A world that he had built for himself and in which he liked to take refuge.
Our story could have started at the corner of the living room door overlooking an enchanted castle, in a street along a gully that turned into a torrent or even on board a magnificent paper aeroplane...
But no... !
Our story begins the day Ahoy discovers, with amazement, that he is not the only one who knows this magical world!
Thousands of questions jostle in his head... ! "Can we communicate through thought? Can we share our thoughts? Can we join someone else's thought?.
Through this revelation, Ahoy will set himself the task of finding his sister whom he hasn't heard from since the "Adult Problems" drove them away...
This is the opportunity for Ohé to live the most beautiful adventure of his life which will lead us, young and old, into a world of emotions made of sharing and songs.
"Ahoy! Ahoy !... follow me, it's about to start"...

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Show “Ohé et le monde des pensées” by Philippe Roche



Show “Ohé et le monde des pensées” by Philippe Roche

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