Street Arts “Périple” by the Collectif Protocole


From 13 years old. Duration 2 hours.
The Protocole Collective, made up of jugglers working in improvisation in the public space, continues its poetic investigation of forgotten territories.

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From March 13, 2021, three juggling clubs will travel across France in a relay performance. They will probe the bowels of the hexagon for a period of six months. For hundreds of kilometres, they will soak up the landscapes, the encounters, the mud, asphalt and sand, the faces and the time spent walking along the crossroads, whether it rains, snows or windy. Between experimental tourist and adventurer of the moment, the nomadic performer weaves the web of narration on a crumpled and muddy map. He invites himself into the complexity of the cities, the silence of the countryside, in the centre as well as on the fringes, during the day as well as at night, investing the in-between and no man's land to finally deliver us a travel narrative in a popular, collective and poetic ceremony. Périple 2021 is not a tribute to the acrobats of other times, Périple 2021 is not a one-hour show, Périple 2021 is a living series of moments past and future. To follow the whole of this continuous show and share in real time the progress of the three clubs, you can already go to

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural


  • Artistic performance
  • Circus


  • 156



Animals are not accepted.




Ouvert le 29/05/2021
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 19:00:00


Street Arts “Périple” by the Collectif Protocole



Street Arts “Périple” by the Collectif Protocole

Chapiteau de la Mer
av. Jean Baptiste Mattéi
Les Sablettes
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer