Theatre “Que faut-il dire aux Hommes” by Didier Ruiz


Deeply humanistic, Didier Ruiz's theatre is a unique, moving artistic experience, which places Man at the heart of its project through his shared word and his presence more than ever alive.

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"To give to see and hear a shared humanity", such is the mission of theatre for Didier Ruiz, founder of the aptly named Compagnie des Hommes and director of a voice accompanied by words. For, once again, the director has chosen to use an oral score rather than a text to give substance to his new choral piece. After the ex-prisoners of A Long Sentence who testified to their long years in detention, after the transgender characters of TRANS (més enllà), Que faut-il dire aux Hommes? is the last part of his triptych devoted to the invisible, committed to convictions to achieve freedom. If religion does not interest the man of theatre as such, spirituality does, in order to maintain his human status, to live with others and to think about death. A universal, yet sensitive and delicate subject, tackled on stage by seven women and men set in space with the complicity of choreographer Tomeo Vergés and playwright Olivia Burton.

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Ouvert le 18/02/2021
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Theatre “Que faut-il dire aux Hommes” by Didier Ruiz



Theatre “Que faut-il dire aux Hommes” by Didier Ruiz

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