Theatre “Ces filles là” by Evan Placey


Once a group of girlfriends, now they're all pitted against each other because of a photo on social networks. In this story of cyber-bullying, 6 actresses tell the story of a battle against humiliation, violence and the group phenomenon.

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These girls go to the lycée Sainte-Hélène and have known each other since nursery school. One day, in history class, the whole class receives a photo by text message: it's Scarlett, naked. Viral post, destructive hashtag, rumours. The machine went into overdrive. From then on, all we heard was one voice, one accusation, one humiliation, against silence. The group becomes the executioner.

To tell the story of the harassment to which Scarlett fell victim, La Collective Ces Filles-Là put on their sports socks and cleats and got their shirts wet. Six young actresses line up to tell the choral story of the tyranny of the group, gazing into the audience's eyes, singing and dancing, and delivering the incisive text by Canadian Evan Placey, the author of this cruel, hard-hitting play. A straightforward work that reminds us that the power of the collective, whether virtual or concrete, can be devastating.

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  • French


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  • Theatre


  • 132



Animals are not accepted.


Extra cost: NORMAL FARE : 15 € CARTE LE PÔLE : 10 € TARIF RÉDUIT : 10 € TARIFF JEUNE - DE 26 ANS : 8 €


Saturday 23 March 2024 between 7.30 pm and 8.40 pm.


Theatre “Ces filles là” by Evan Placey



Theatre “Ces filles là” by Evan Placey

Institution Sainte Marie
1 place Germain Loro
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer