Theatre “Clara Haskil, Prelude and Fugue”


Directed by Safy Nebbou, Laetitia Casta slips into the words of Serge Kribus to play Clara Haskil, a modest, sincere, funny woman of exceptional talent.

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6 December 1960. The Trans Europ Express enters the Gare du Midi in Brussels. The pianist Clara Haskil got off the train. The next day she gave a music recital with Arthur, her dear friend. She takes the escalator. She slips and falls. When she looks up, the station has suddenly disappeared. The flames of a fire dance around a house. It is her childhood home on Bravilor Street in Bucharest, burning. The images appear, the drawing of faces, the voices, everyone is there... She does not know how to write yet, but she reproduces by ear the melodies she hears.

At the age of 7, her uncle took her to Vienna and then to Paris to train. When the young pianist gave her first concerts, the audience rose, the orchestras applauded, the conductors bowed. But that was not enough. Engagements were rare, the fees miserable. Her fragile health, her lack of self-confidence, her sickly stage fright seemed to condemn her. But that's without counting on her friends! They know, they watch over her and will not let her go for a single moment. In 1950, Clara Haskil finally became famous.

From the prelude to her final fugue, Serge Kribus unfolds the life of a great artist in a flashback of rare evocative power. After Scenes from married life, Safy Nebbou takes this chiselled text and invents a poetic space in which Laetitia Casta's vibratory sensitivity can unfold.

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Theatre “Clara Haskil, Prelude and Fugue”



Theatre “Clara Haskil, Prelude and Fugue”

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