Théâtre “Hate, tentative de duo avec un cheval” (annulé)


A duet choreographed in the image of Laetitia Dosch: unclassifiable and totally singular.

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Long red hair, diaphanous skin, sword in hand, Laetitia Dosch rides Corazon (heart in Spanish) with the grace of a horsewoman escaped from a thick forest. When she ventures out on stage with a real thoroughbred, without harness or saddle to play skin against skin, the Amazon seems to emerge from a Botticellian painting. Or from a tale from our childhood that mixes reality and fantasy, humans and animals trying to establish a relationship of equality. For HATE is a fable that questions "our relationship to the other, to the stranger, to the child, to nature, to women, whom a mysterious human impulse pushes to destroy, dominate, control, change...". HATE is not an equestrian show: it is a mixture of class and ridicule, of love and humour, the diary of a young girl of today who brings back fairy tales and dreams. Nightmares too.

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Animals are not accepted.

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Ouvert le 28/03/2020
  • Le SAMEDI à partir de 20:30:00


Théâtre “Hate, tentative de duo avec un cheval” (annulé)



Théâtre “Hate, tentative de duo avec un cheval” (annulé)

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