Theatre “Nadia” by Jean-Louis Martinelli


Nadia speaks from the heart and offers us a wonderful ode to joy and freedom of thought. A century of history and life on both sides of the Mediterranean, the simplicity of a story, the strength of a true word.

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Jean-Louis Martinelli, a loyal artist at the Scène nationale, led workshops three years ago with young people from the Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse in Toulon and collected their testimonies. Nadia comes from this series of interviews in which Nadia, a sixty-year-old woman, tells the story of her life. Jean-Louis Martinelli renders this testimony in a text that retains the fluidity of orality. Her story begins with the arrival of her grandmother, Turquia, in the south of France and continues until today. From one side of the Mediterranean to the other, vibrating with the jolts of history and the differences in culture, Nadia takes us on a journey. Her life is worthy of an adventure novel, but Nadia does not remain bitter in the face of adversity. She always moves forward, sunny, full of vitality and openness to others.
What could be an epic is delivered here in its simplest form: a word embodied by the actress Samira Sedira.

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Theatre “Nadia” by Jean-Louis Martinelli



Theatre “Nadia” by Jean-Louis Martinelli

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