Theatre “Les Âmes offensées #4: les Hadza cueilleurs d’eau


This fourth part of Macha Makeïeff's series of Âmes offensées (Offended Souls), after the Inuit and the Soussou, relates the stays of ethnologist Philippe Geslin with the Hadza, the last hunter-gatherers of Tanzania.

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An ethnographic show, a story of images to tell of the other places that bring us together.

A sensitive and curious globetrotter, Philippe Geslin brings back notebooks, photos and recordings of his observations and encounters from his "fields". Macha Makeïeff, who is also a visual artist, transforms the stage into a small planet where the ethnologist becomes a storyteller, poet and actor of his own experience. Scattered objects, the traces of a world that is fading away, a whole visual and sound universe is deployed to stage a living scientific discourse.
For Philippe Geslin, ethnology means "unfolding the territories of beings and things", exploring the beliefs of the Maasai and the Hadza, their first migrations, the "modernity" that has made them sedentary and disrupted their links with nature, animals, plants, spirits, and the ancestors who have passed on everything and who are now "offended" in a world that is shrinking. It is also to say that we are linked in what is disappearing and by the permanence of humanity.

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Ouvert le 23/03/2022
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Theatre “Les Âmes offensées #4: les Hadza cueilleurs d’eau



Theatre “Les Âmes offensées #4: les Hadza cueilleurs d’eau

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