Théâtre “L’Homme de plein vent”


Theatre art and circus art come together in this poetic, comic and dreamlike fable about the utopian quest for flight.

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La Belle Meunière's first theatrical opus in 1996, L'Homme de plein vent resonates again as the 2020s approach under the impetus of its creators Pierre Meunier, Hervé Pierre of the Comédie Française and Marguerite Bordat. In a brindezingue machine-decorated setting that provides falls, flights, and the upheaval of men and matter, we find Léopold von Fliegenstein and his irrational and joyous desire to defy gravity at all costs. At his side is Kutsch, the former checker of weights and measures, full of common sense and with his feet on the ground. These two men that everything separates are going to get caught up in all the provocative games of gravity in hilarious physical performances. But is it possible to just change one's own state? The duo, failing to fly, lives in hope and makes the spectators dream.

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Ouvert le 19/05/2020
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Théâtre “L’Homme de plein vent”



Théâtre “L’Homme de plein vent”

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