Théâtre “Murs de Fresnes”, mise en scène Judith Depaule


In this interactive creation, director and playwright Judith Depaule invites the audience to an immersive prison experience inspired by Henri Calet's book Les murs de Fresnes.

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"A singular time when heroes were imprisoned." In Les Murs de Fresnes, novelist and journalist Henri Calet picks up graffiti left by inmates on the walls of the Fresnes prison in 1945. Sometimes all that remains are these wall inscriptions to identify prisoners arrested and tortured by the Gestapo or the French police. Based on this unclassifiable book, Judith Depaule has designed this interactive show which in turn evokes the situation of the prisoners in Fresnes under the occupation and invites the spectator to navigate through the narration with his smartphone, choosing the heroes and the episodes he wants to follow.

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  • French


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Animals are not accepted.

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Ouvert le 28/04/2020
  • Le MARDI de 20:30:00 à 20:30:00
Ouvert le 29/04/2020
  • Le MERCREDI de 20:30:00 à 20:30:00


Théâtre “Murs de Fresnes”, mise en scène Judith Depaule



Théâtre “Murs de Fresnes”, mise en scène Judith Depaule

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