Theater in Le Levant


Shakespeare’s Macbeth adapted // 50mn one man show. Scripted, directed and play by Ivan Bougnoux.
Mask by Ivan Bougnoux.
Costumes by Roxane Ronot.

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50 minutes adapted from Shakespeare’s work.
Scripted, directed and play by Ivan Bougnoux.
All audiences from 6 to 99.
If Macbeth promoted a message of peace instead a dark powerless feeling ? All Macbeth has put aside their soul, to acquire what make them happy: power. It’s never to late to look for happiness again but time go on the price go up. The actor dance with every character in turn: Macbeth, Seton, the witches, the soldiers, Lady Macbeth, the narrator…
An original reinterpretation, single-played in 50mn, far from everything already seen in Shakespeare. Between burlesque and tragedy, mime and cinema, the actor move you trough great Scottish battles, walking forests and stone castles.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Cultural
  • Entertainment/recreation


  • Litterature


  • Theatre


Ouvert le 16/07/2020
  • Le JEUDI


Theater in Le Levant



Theater in Le Levant

Terrasse des îles d'Or
Le Levant
83400 Hyères