Dance “Room With A View” by Rone & (La)Horde du Ballet national de Marseille


Faced with the climate emergency and the threats of our time, Rone, a leading artist on the French electronic scene, has composed a raging soundtrack that only the collective (LA)HORDE and the high-energy dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille can play...

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...seemed to be able to embody. By giving birth to beauty from chaos, they sign the show of the current generations.

Responding to an invitation from the Théâtre du Châtelet in 2020, Rone, a leading artist on the French electronic music scene and winner of the 2021 César award for best original music, has entrusted the LA(HORDE) collective with the task of bringing his music to life. At the helm of the Ballet national de Marseille since 2019, the collective created by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel claims to be eclectic in its sources of inspiration. It owes its name to Alain Damasio's "world book", La Horde du Contrevent. Between the writer, a follower of political anticipation, and the collective, the filiation is clear. Damasio, who had already worked with Rone, closely followed the Room With A View project. For an hour, in a descent into the underworld of our time, the bodies do violence to each other, melting and pushing each other away with as much hate as love. They draw living pictures that are immediately pulverized, they are condemned to a race for survival in a post-apocalyptic setting. They are the hostages of a movement that knows no dead time and constantly pushes the dancers' physical limits. But little by little, in this truly hallucinatory effervescence worthy of a rave party, both brutal and joyful, humanity regains hope. More than fifty years after Pierre Henry and Maurice Béjart's Messe pour le temps présent, Rone and LA(HORDE) take up today's questions and respond in their own uncompromising way. A call to dance against the collapse of the world, a lesson in resistance.

The performance on 1 July is followed by a DJ set by Boe Strummer and Claude Murder

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Dance “Room With A View” by Rone & (La)Horde du Ballet national de Marseille



Dance “Room With A View” by Rone & (La)Horde du Ballet national de Marseille

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