Istiqlal” Theatre, directed by Tamara Al Saadi


Tamara Al Saadi confronts her family history with that of the colonised territories in the Middle East and questions the (de)colonisation of female bodies and orientalism in our contemporary society.

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Leïla does not know her mother's language, Arabic, and the songs are forgotten. With Julien, who shares her life, they are visited by the figures of women from the past. They carry their pain and their hopes and help them find their way back to freedom and to being. The transmission of the wounds of colonised Arab women, the invisible submissions, the eloquent silences, the orientalist reflexes, all of this crosses Leïla and Julien's space and transforms them. The large white room, the museum space, Leïla's body, everything is a surface of projection where generations relive, where voices take turns, where wars are fought.
In 2019, Tamara Al Saadi received the Jury Prize and the High School Prize at the Impatience Festival for her play PLACE.

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Extra cost: From €5 to €29. Reservation strongly advised.

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Duration 1h45.
Ouvert le 25/02/2022
  • Le VENDREDI à partir de 20:30:00


Istiqlal” Theatre, directed by Tamara Al Saadi



Istiqlal” Theatre, directed by Tamara Al Saadi

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